Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow, my faith in humanity is restored!

We have a neighbor across the street and they have a really large tree in their front yard with like a gazillion leaves on it. Last year the owners only raked them up when their driveway was so loaded that it was slippery and the wind blew half of them on our yard, made me pretty grumpy.

The owners sold their home this spring and the new owners came and raked up their leaves from my yard!! How cool is that? And they have really kept up with keeping the leaves at their house raked so we don't have a mountain of their leaves on our lawn :)

I had 4 big black garbage bags of leaves from our own trees to take care of today, so I was extremely happy that I didn't have to add theirs to the mix this year!


Heidi said...

Now that you've had some practice raking leaves Meadow, just come on over to my place! I'll even supply that bags... ;)

How nice to not have all the neighbors leaves to rake though. We "share" a tree with our neighbors and I swear they all fall off on OUR side... Either that or the neighbors actually rake theres and we don't... ;)

Lisa said...

That is cool! You have enough yard work to do, right??

Emily said...

Very nice...we have raked up 5-6 big bags in our front yard where we have 0 trees, lol.

Lena said...

I suppose we'll rake sometime so the kids can jump in it, then we just mulch them with our mower and bag them that way, lol. It's the easy way out.

sheri said...

At least you all have yards! lol