Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Dear Soldier

My kids PTA decided to have the kids draw a picture or write a letter to send to soldiers serving in Iraq. I told M about this and he decided to write his letter without my help. I'll put it in his way first and then decipher ;)

Dear Sholchrs

I like your figting but can I wach

Dear Soldiers,

I like your fighting but can I watch?

think he plays too many computer games? ;)

Edit: M just told me that I read it wrong, it is supposed to say.....

Dear Soldiers,

I like your fighting but I can't watch right now.

He needs to learn how to write in a fairly straight line rather than all over the page, haha.


Char said...


foodie said...

I guess you can rest assured that maybe the video games aren't getting too out of hand for Big M!

sheri said...

rofl! cute AND funny