Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin! (and Halloween stuff too)

Miss L had her 10th birthday this past weekend. Of course I was sick, oh so sick, so our plans were thrown out the window. But she had lots of fun anyway :). Good thing too because there are no do overs, ha j/k.

Here is her "cake" on her birthday. (ignore the mess)

And here is her oh so professional cake that I made the next day.

And now for Halloween pics :) M is the Super Cheetah (same as last year), Little Man is an Elephant Fire Fighter (he wanted to be an elephant fire fighter monster puppy, um..yeah)

Sideways L is the Vampiress on the left, W is her cousin and B is her other cousin :)

Here is a sideways Little Man

And last but not least, a sideways M :)


Kermit~the~Frog said...

See, an elephant is a PERFECT firefighter. Your dude is super-smart!

Cute pics. Hope you're feeling better!

sheri said...

Cute pictures!!!
Happy Birthday, L!
And I hope you're feeling better

Emily said...

Fun Halloween pics! And Happy Birthday to your big girl!

Sabra said...

cute little sideways gouhls! sorry you were sick on L's birthday. Happy Birthday to her! And double digits? holy crap! How old does that make you feel ;P