Monday, April 18, 2011


So I didn't finish off my January goal and I seemed to have lost February and March too, hehe. Sorry about that!!

I have much to discuss but am too lazy tonight :)

I passed my certification!! I'm now an official novice interpreter in Utah. Woot!
I will be taking the educational interpreter test next week!
I started a 90 day workout challenge and then gave up on said challenge.
We started a new points system for the boys, they love it and we love it.
L went from blonde to red to orange/pink to brown.
M is determined to be taller than me by the time he reaches his 11th birthday (August 12th) he has like 8 inches to go, think he'll make it? ;)
LittleMan has become quite the LittleGentleman, he loves to open doors for us and close them, carry anything in my hands, etc etc.

Ok, enough of a summary for now, hopefully I'm back again soon and not 3 months later :)

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rebecca said...

yay meadow!