Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a morning

I went to a workout group this morning with a friend and some of her neighbors, so fun! Anyway, coming home I notice a Suburban driving toward me with their tire bent underneath it, sort of like this....

only the tire was bent the other way so it was completely under the suburban. I couldn't figure out how the driver didn't know that something was wrong. The front bumper was all messed up too and it was leaning to the right. No one was following it, so no police chase. Weird. I called Stu because I thought it was so weird and then farther up the road I saw some police lights off to the side and traffic was stopped. I sat there for a little while, not moving, when one of the police cars pulled out and took off the same direction as the Suburban.

I eventually get going and pass a car that looks like this...

So I'm thinking the Suburban left the scene of the accident, not smart at all. Really not smart when your car is pretty much disabled and you wont get far, especially without witnesses to tell where you went ;)

We were are a part of the city where Ambulances and Police cars aren't close by, a mile or so later an Ambulance, Fire truck, and two Police cars went screaming by, hopefully they caught the person and the other car occupants were ok.

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rebecca said...

you should have told the cops where they were going! sluts!