Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Migraines, my philosophy

Migraines suck, that's easy, I don't know if there is anyone that enjoys them. My philosophy? As long as I get the pain meds ASAP, the pain is manageable for the most part. The next 30 hours or so suck almost worse than the pain, why? Because of all the other effects that come with a migraine, I haven't found any meds that help with those so if you have some let me know! The sound/light sensitivity, the upset stomach, the emotional state, unable to sleep. It all just sucks. Pardon my rambling, I hate the migraine hangover.

On a positive note, this week is huge international Deaf Studies Today conference and I'm beyond excited for it!! It is going to be amazing.

also, I know I haven't added finished photos of my kitchen, I will.....at some point :)ran

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Sabra said...

thirst. I get crazy thirsty after a migraine. Or at least after the pain subsides, maybe it's still the migraine? I don't really understand them. But yeah, and I also get the shakes afterwards. Not fun.