Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To do list

I'm totally stealing this idea from Becca :)

Things I need to do over Thanksgiving break.

Summaries from Neisser (tells you how behind I am when I can't think of the books title, just the author, lol)
Start running again so I can talk myself and Stu into a June marathon , he wont run it but he will support me if I'm going to do it ;)
Linguistics final
Deaf Culture research paper x2
LANG 3000 annotated bibliography
Interpret Unit 6 and post 5.3, 6.3 so behind!
Get over this head cold or whatever illness it is.
Keep the kids from killing each other over the break.
Visit my side of the fam on Thanksgiving.
Black Friday, woot!
Go try a Chai Tea Latte at Becca's coffee shop, just out of support for her, yeah that's it.
Knit this adorable scarf that really wants me to knit it.

that should be enough, we'll just pretend nothing else needs to be done, yeah.

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