Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

We started a tradition a few years ago, mostly because I was lazy and didn't feel like cooking, lol. But the kids love it so we continue it :). I cut up some meat and cheese, put some mandarin oranges, maybe some pineapple, crackers, just little things we can spear with toothpicks and eat. The kids have a great time every year, clean up is easy, and I win the cool mom award (even if it's only for an hour or so :P)

The table all fancied up with the "nice" glasses too! hehe

A close up of the spread, go me!

May the New Year bring much happiness and love to you all. May we all have the strength and determination to give ourselves what we deserve. ((hugs))


Aunt Kathy said...

Happy New Year to you too

FOODIE said...

Love the arrangement on those fantastic trays...just wait...when the kids get old enough to realize they will call you out on the laziness of your meal!

Beth said...

What a fun idea! I may have to copy you, I'd like to be a cool mom for an hour!