Monday, November 17, 2008


I am so angry and frustrated and mad and pissed off!! Ok, so they all mean basically the same thing, but since I don't swear I need to repeat myself, lol.

Anyway, my Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is $3,000 here in Utah and my insurance is required to pay that out, they go after the other drivers insurance for reimbursement. If the costs go over that I have to get a lawyer and fight the at fault drivers insurance. Well, I was informed that I've run out of my PIP and now I have to go through my health insurance ($40 copay) or get a lawyer.

The accident was not my fault, but the whole thing has been this huge hassle and now I get to add more to it. I'm just MAD!! gah!


Heidi said...

Gosh Meadow, it seems so dang unfair!!!

GRRRRRR... I'll be mad for you too...

Heather said...

Are there any Lawyers in your ward? That would do it for you for free?
That stinks!!!! I think it is am legitimate reason for a tantrum!!!