Saturday, October 18, 2008

"School" pictures

I decided not to purchase school pictures this year, I knew they wouldn't turn out and they are freaking expensive. But I have been harassed by my mom, Aunt, Grandma's, and MIL about new pictures of the kids, so we decided to head up the canyon and take some pictures on our own. (and, no, the school pictures didn't turn out, hehe)

I need help deciding which ones to print for wallets and then 3 x 5 or 4 x 6's for the Grandma's.

#1 (incidentally, when did she get so grown up?)

#2 (yes, we'll crop out annoying man that refused to move so I could take this picture)
#1, this one has more shadow that I remember :S, so I don't think it's even in the running but here it is anyway :)


Yes, they are much better quality than it appears here and we'll crop the photos too. Maybe I should beg one of my sisters to come out and take pictures, they are much better than me.


Heather said...

She is beautiful!
I like

and wow
one!!!!your youngest looks like a blond Stu ( with your smile)

Hey Annoying Man, now you are on a blog that THOUSANDS of people will my friend will leave a legacy of being "The Annoying Weird Guy Who Would Never Move." Nice.

Sabra said...

I agree, one and one. But I think #3 on #3. Well done! Pictures I try to take never turn out.