Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ready for my scary pictures? Well, if not then don't look because here they are, lol.

Just laughing at a man in front of me trying to get his shirt back over his head, he had it behind his neck so the shirt wouldn't rub his nipples any more (they were bleeding, eww and ouch!). He had his race number on his shirt and the photographer wouldn't be able to identify him without the number, lol.

Texting my Hunny and my Aunt, it was cold, I was wet, tired, miserable and needed the encouragement. This was around mile 18.

I look dumb, but I was so surprised at the muscle definition so I had to show it off, lol. This is almost at the finish line.

Woohoo, exhausted, cold, and my legs didn't really work anymore. But I did it :)


Heather said...

AWESOME!!!!! You look so happy even while you are texting at your "bad moment"
lpoomks at those muscles!!!! I thougt you would look more ...dead Simply amazing.

Sabra said...

Awesome awesome awesome!! you rock. and I had no idea that chaffing nipples was a real problem in running. i thought it was made up for The Office. who knew?

frugalmom said...

congrats on such a great accomplishment!

casualcathy said...

Hey meadow. I just wanted to tell you again how proud I am of you! It is so awesome how well you stuck with your training and everthing you went through with the accident. If you can do this.. you can do anything! Even math ;)