Tuesday, February 19, 2008


As I was thinking of words to describe Semisi, my Uncle, I went through Loving, Caring, Generous, Kind, Gentle, Sweet, Funny, Loveable and finally settled on Selfless. Semisi was always the first one there, the last to leave, when someone needed help. He was always there with a smile. He never liked being the center of attention, he liked to be in the background, just doing what needed to be done. So I chose a few pictures of him with my boys, he loved them so much.

the first one makes me cry whenever I see it. It's Semisi holding M when he was a baby, I cannot remember where they were or what month, but I'm sure it was in 2000 based on M's size.

Semisi loved music, he had many guitars and a keyboard, he loved to sing and I know the funeral will be full of songs, mostly in Tongan, so beautiful.

This picture is of Semisi and M again, at my youngest sisters wedding. M was eating roast beef perched on his favorite persons lap.

And this is one of both boys with Semisi, this time LittleMan is munching on roast beef, I think they were trying to bulk up to be as big as Misi someday ;).

We love you, Semisi, you will be missed. You left some big shoes to fill, literally ;), and figuratively. I hope to instill the selflessness into my boys so they can grow up to be as big as you.


Stu said...

The boys loved him so much. It will be hard without him around.

Lisa said...

He is beautiful. I cried at him holding your children!

Sabra said...

Hugs, Meadow. He looks like an amazing man.

FOODIE said...

Hope all goes well at the funeral! He obviously meant a lot to you and your family. A legacy for your boys to look to for sure!

g said...

I'm so sorry, Meadow. That was a really sweet tribute to him.