Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are you sure she is mine?

L is 10 and tall, very tall, atleast by my standards ;).

We decided to measure her yesterday to see how tall she really is. I think I liked not knowing for sure. Ignorance really can be bliss. I mean, I can just make sure not to stand up next to her and I'll pretend that her feet aren't the same size as mine or that her pants don't look almost as long as mine.


She is 4 ft 10 inches tall. I am 5 ft 3 inches tall. Yeah, she'll pass me much sooner than I anticipated, crap :P. I needed that mental boost a bit longer.

"You listen to me young lady!" just doesn't sound as threatening when you are looking up at your child ;)

And I did a height predictor just now, it predicts that she will be 5 ft 9 at 18. I guess I should go measure my boys and see if they'll be lucky enough to be taller than their sister ;)

Edited to add:

It predicts that M will be 5ft 9 and Little Man will be 5 ft 8. Oh that makes me giggle. I'm pretty sure Little Man will be taller than M, just their body types, but we'll see :). Gotta make sure I save this and check in 12 years ;)


Char said...

PIMP! I accidentally left the age at 2 and it said Keller would be 6 ft 9. And he's my short kid. Ha ha ha.

QueenMeadow said...

lol, Char.

I left it on boy and it said Lea would be 6'2". I about peed myself, lol.

sheri said...

I also forgot and left it at age 2. Said Kyle would be 8ft 2in! (at age 6 it predicts 6'2"...much better)

foodie said...

I think those height predictors are crap. I was very tall growing up and I was told I would close to 6ft. I stopped growing in the 7th grade, and I am 5'4" tall. The shortest in my family...including my parents!!!