Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bliss, pure bliss!!

Guess what I got today!! If I could post a giant smiley face, I would ;).

Our washing machine died over a week ago. The mountain of dirty laundry kept getting bigger and bigger, I think we ended up with a pretty impressive mountain range actually, hehe. To my utter amazement my father-in-law bought another front loader washer. He said the price was too good to be true so he couldn't pass it up. Luckily enough for us, Stu's siblings all had working washing machines so we got the "old" (less than 4 years old) front loader, woo-freaking-hoo!!!

Here is the beauty, isn't she gorgeous? :)

I have done almost every dirty article of clothing, sheets, towels and blankets in my entire house! I have two loads to go. Why is this so amazing? It should've taken me two days to do this much laundry since I was so far behind. I seriously sit and watch the washer spin, so relaxing and amazing to me, hehe.

I think I may actually do a happy dance once the laundry is all put away tonight. Woot!!


Char said...

WOOT! I adore my front loader. Happy laundering?


Valarie said...

awesome! um, Howie likes to watch it spin, too. :P

sheri said...

Woot! SO jealous!!!

Emily said...

Totally jealous! Enjoy it!

frugalmom said...

Sometimes I still watch mine and I've had it three years. Ahh, the entertainment we lack.