Sunday, January 09, 2011

5 things day 8

I will be adding photos to posts as I come across ones that suit my fancy, just so you don't think it will be totally boring from now on, hehe.

1. Productive cleaning days, still a long way to go before I'm happy with the state of the house, but it's looking so much better :)
2. Cheap hair dye, though I think L isn't so happy with the new color, hehe.
3. Freedom, we are sure lucky to live where we live.
4. Laptops, mine wants to die, but I backed up all the documents and photos from mine. I'm just happy to have one that works most of the time.
5. The gospel, I don't talk about my religion a lot on my blog but I'm very grateful for it.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm sure grateful to my readers too :)

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Natalie and Nathan said...

I love reading your blog too! : ) With all of your posting everydayness... it makes me feel like a slacker! Keep up the good work!