Friday, July 16, 2010


I have an odd relationship with food, most of the time I don't get hungry, I eat because I'm supposed to. I do crave things from time to time, but not always. This week I decided it's time to start working out again and in order to push myself as hard as I like to, I need proper fuel.

Last month I gave up caffeine, I drank way too much and with the summer heat, I knew water was more important. This week I decided that fast food was next up on the chopping block. So far, 8 days of no fast food of any kind. I haven't really defined what fast food is yet, Subway seems to be free from that terminology for me, for now.

Also, every day this week I have eaten 3 meals and taken my vitamins, go me!

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rebecca said...

yay! we will help motivate each other in the fall to stay away from the vending machines!