Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can I join the "real" mom club now?

That's right, I finally got my mini van, woot!And Stu thought we were going to get a little sporty car for our second vehicle, hee!

So happy, I sucked in my gut so you wouldn't see how I look pregnant next to my mom mobile, lol.
Yeah, haven't been running, cleaning, doing homework, much of anything except going to school and walking all over campus again and again. And again.

p.s. please ignore that I'm wearing socks with my sandals, I took my tennis shoes off and Stu wanted me to pose by the van so I slipped my sandals on quickly. I promise I didn't leave the yard like that ;).


Char said...

You're such a Mormon, too. ROFL.

g said...

You and your mom-mobile!!

LOL, I read your post too fast and thought you said you were actually pregnant. I was like, Meadow, you're a modern medical marvel!

Heidi said...

ohhhh... fun! lol

Way cute hair, Meadow! :)

Stu the Hubby said...

You have to slow down when taking corners in that thing. *sigh*