Thursday, December 13, 2007

The zoo

M being brave standing on the elephant. LittleMan was scared of it because it "sneezes" and blows air out, lol.

L going for a ride.
I loved watching the elephant eating, he/she worked so hard to get that hay.

LittleMan's interpretation of a gorilla.

M hoping he is just as tall as the gorilla, not quite there yet.

L being so excited to be as tall as a gorilla, she loves it that people thinks she is 12 or 13, those long legs are deceptive ;).

K wanted to be in the picture too, hehe (a son of my friend we went to the zoo with, Thanks Sabe!)


momofmanyjewels said...

Hi Meadow I am trying to post. I have written a few but they are showing up. I am dumb. What is Mobtown?
Okay here is the comments in a nut shell:
I love your kids. I want you to add motivation for me to run posts. I AM doing a marathon in Sept 2008 and ummmm HI

momofmanyjewels said...

is M on his tippy toes? Sweet!

QueenMeadow said...

Yes, he's standing on his tippy toes, he wants to be bigger, lol.

g said...

Cute! I miss Hogle Zoo!